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  • Cloud Server Solutions

    Today 99.99% is not enough for high critical business application. You need high-end failover servers with DNS switch made easy, so that your application runs 100% all the time. No orders are missed, no mails are bounced and your visitors don’t see "We are under maintenance Mode, check back later" messages. With nearly 5 years experience in providing high-end business application monitoring and maintenance, you don’t have to turn to anyone other than Rhytha for this.

    • Server Security patchs and Maintenance
    • DNS Fail Over Configuration
    • Server Mirroring and Data backups
    • Application Support
  • Web Applications on The Cloud

    Building a web application is one thing, but building a business application which solves your business problem is totally other. Rhytha feels that listening to clients requirements is just no enough, we need to also reach out to our clients client who will be shaping up the key requirements for the business solution we are building, so we try to foresee whether a feature will be bring in a significant advantage to our clients interacting with their client .

    • PHP/mySql in Amazone Cloud or Rackspace
    • ASP.NET/SQL on Windows Azure

Developing Niche SaaS Products - We develop apps for India market targeting B2B. Check out our latest SaaS cloud storage for business and file sharing on cloud for indian companies.

Business Web Applications on Cloud - We develop web applications on for the browser. Whatever be your requirement we can create customize web applications which can help your business solve business problems.

Application and Server Support for you - We provide 24/7 server and application support for your high-critical applications and servers. We can manage your corporate application on dedicated server, catalog management for your ecommerce site and provide security for server infrastructure.