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Mobile App For Your Dealership

Take your dealership inventry and service to the next level in customer engagement. Our dealer mobile smartphone solution, delivers a premier mobile experience in its most advanced formApp Features with a powerful marketing platform that drives sales, retention and loyalty for auto dealers. The dealership app will be designed with the customer to dealer relationship in mind, providing dealers with a powerful mobile marketing platform, while further engaging customers within the new clean and streamlined interface of the app, bringing real-time, immediate marketing and deeper, customizable content to its app experience.

Bridging the gap between the dealers and showroom visitors...

  • Increase your customer retention
  • Increase your service revenue
  • Build stronger customer relationships
  • Easy on call service from inside the app
  • Instant push notifications of sales and service promotions
  • Personalized Marketing option for each customer

Push all your inventry along with latest images, videos and promotions of the car right into your customers mobile phone, easy, quick and all information right where your customer can access and make a quick decision. Customers can access New and Pre-owned vehicles, including details price, photo & videos

Sales Support

Manage your custom quote with periodic updates and discounts to that particular customer to convert into a sale. Get easy feedback on your quote and make move beyond the showroom salesmanship to close sales anytime.

Notify & Schedule

Push Notify special deals & Promotions from manufacturers or your local car dealer promotions. Push service reminders and pickup schedule for each customer.

Service Maintenance

Provide Service Appointment Requests for your existing service customers. Push service reminders when its due. Notify when car is ready after service for pick up. Provide a easily access to service history for their car inside the app

Car Information

Your customer can store his Vehicle information and other insurance details for easy access when ever needed. Car dealers can push news and updates for recall Notifications from manufacturer's.

One Touch Communication

Provide on-road services where they can call the Roadside assistance and the location with the in-built map for your roadside service to reach to the spot asap. Take photos and videos of the problem and upload for your service managers to review and send appropriate tools and personnel for assistance.